What are the biggest threats for your data?

Answer: Accountant Bob, HR Suzy, and Cryptolocker.

Since 2013 a ransomware called Cryptolocker has been threatening data and users all over the world. Cryptolocker’s specialty is encrypting everything within reach and demanding a fee in order to decrypt it again. Similar to a flu virus it changes its structure and entry point from time to time and makes it even more difficult to detect and prevent from executing.

Nobody is safe! Even a few governmental institutions have had to pay the ransom already. Several prevention and early-warning-systems are available, but are they fool-proof? We say, the only guarantee you have to get your data back in case of an attack is a 3-2-1 backup scheme utilizing NovaStor DataCenter.

This whitepaper:

  • Explains why Cryptolocker is that dangerous
  • Summarizes prevention scenarios and early-warning-systems
  • Talks about your options in case of an attack
  • Illustrates the advantages of NovaStor DataCenter and how it protects
    your business critical data

NovaStor DataCenter

Data protection for mixed environments

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